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Basima drives for the first time

Basima came to Australia from Mosul in Iraq because of the threat from ISIS. Christians like her were forced to leave their homes and everything to avoid being killed.

She didn't drive in Iraq. She says there was little law, no insurance and many accidents. It was just too dangerous. But she needed to drive to be able to be independent and to work. But learning to drive in busy Sydney was daunting.

Local community group, Gymea Community Aid and Information Service (GCAIS), came to her aid. GCAIS has a Driver Licensing Access Program which helps people across Sydney who face social and financial barriers to getting their license. Most of their clients are refugees and migrants, and many of them are women.

Volunteer mentors assist in becoming familiar with road rules in Sydney and with the requirements of obtaining a licence.

Basima has gained confidence through the program and will soon be attempting the driving test.

The Sutherland Shire Refugee Connection exists to assist refugees to settle in the Sutherland Shire. Gymea Community Aid and Information Service has assisted SSRC in many ways.

Learn more

Watch a video featuring Basima and the Driver Licensing Access Program and read more about it. The photo above is taken from this video.

Donate to Sutherland Shire Refugee Connection or learn more.


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